Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Historic MoU signed

PAPUA New Guinea yesterday signed a historic memorandum of understanding (MoU) for a feasibility study to pipe water resources into Australia from Southern Highlands, The National reports.

The project is valued at A$30 billion (K72 billion).

The feasibility study alone is expected to cost A$20 million (K480 million).

The feasibility project was approved by the National Executive Council in 2008.

The MoU for the feasibility study was signed between the Cairns-based project developer Might and Power Australia Pty Ltd chairman Fred Ariel, Department of Environment and Conservation chief legal adviser Ben Pasigan on behalf of the state and Imbonggu MP Francis Awesa on behalf of Southern Highlands government.

Awesa said: “It’s a historic occasion for the project with a billion kina magnitude.

“It’s indeed the single biggest sustainable and economically viable project involving clean energy, especially water resources in the province and PNG as a whole, apart from oil, gas and other mineral and non-mineral projects.

“Oil and the so-called LNG will deplete in the next 30 years, but water will continue to sustain both Australia and PNG as long as this world exists.”

The opposition stalwart said he had discussed with the Australian federal government and the opposition as well as the Queensland, Victoria and South Australian state governments.

“They are very supportive and that makes this project significant,” Awesa said.

Ariel told the respective stakeholders and reporters that the plan to pipe water into Australia was not an overnight thought.

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  1. Anonymous2:48 PM


    This issue with water pipline from my place in SHP of PNG to Queensland is surely possible if the right measures were taken to ensure that there wont be enviromential issues or land wastemanagement issues later once it is in operation.

    What I would consider first for my people would be that the contract is signed and shared by all parties. As I have seen in the past and more recently with the LNG project is that the contract aggrements are made from wrong people with selfish motivations and that is not what is needed for this project.

    I would like to see this project come to pass and I am willing to invest in the project as a chief landowner and also I would like to see that it is managed by the locals and not the investors.

    I believe it has potential but I would consider joining the pipline with the LNG because there both going to the same place..

    I'll be over in PNG in couple of weeks to explore and assess the locals concern so if you want to contact me than just email me and I'll catch up with you at Crown Plaza...TomMar Helaigini