Monday, August 30, 2010

Basil urges Sepik MPs to issue joint statement

MEMBER for Bulolo Sam Basil has called members from East Sepik including the prime minister to sit down with him and issue a joint statement over the recent clashes in Bulolo between the locals and Sepik settlers and a reported clash at the University of Papua New Guinea, The National reports.

Basil said it was in the best interest of the people that whatever was said and debated on the floor of parliament stayed in parliament.

“It will be good if we, as leaders from Bulolo and Sepiks sit down together and issue a joint statement, urging all our people and young ones to remain neutral and not take matters into their hands.

“I also call upon university students not to take these matters further because it will only spill onto the streets,” Basil said.

“Such actions by our young elites are uncalled for, and they should not be tolerated.”

He said he was also willing to go to the university campus and address students if invited.

“If the students want me to go and address a forum, I will do so gladly with my councillors from Bulolo, so that we can explain things properly.

“As the 2012 elections are fast approaching, I would like to once again appeal to serial general election candidates and recycled leaders not to politicise the issue at the expense of the Bulolo ethnic clash.

“There are opportunists who use pen names in letters to the editor, or on the ground, taking sides with either party of the conflicting groups, playing the blame game or publishing more unfounded accusations,” Basil said.

“I see how such things can help those affected and the vulnerable ones on ground zero.

“When the election writs are delivered by the governor-general in April to July 2012, then we all can play the political game.

“Today’s situation demands common sense to help in any way possible,” he added.

Basil said Morobe Governor Luther Wenge and himself might have not done enough, “but when we all come to properly analyse the situation, we will find that there are so many contributing factors that led to the situation”.

“Law and order, lack of funding, slowness of the provincial law and order committee meeting, disappearance of the uncertified report by the Wau urban LLG manager, police not enforcing the full force of the law on both sides of the conflicting parties, lifting the liquor ban by the magistrate at the request of the traders and, worst of all, politicking of this unfortunate issue.”



  1. There is no new news or indepth reporting here.

    Cut the crap dude. There's enough shit on the internet without you adding to it.

    Nice try though.

  2. Reader9:16 AM


    Your point....?

  3. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Pondikou is a Sepik name!

  4. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Sam Basil himself should be blamed for the clashes in Bulolo. From the onset as a well respected leader in Bulolo HE would have had the inteligince reports of the impending raid by the Bulolo district Villages on the Sepik settlements. He should have reacted by calling in police backup to prevent loss of life & property whether it belongs to Sepiks or Morobeans regardless of who is right or wrong. Bulolo villagers claims that there were 250 deaths attributed to the Sepiks is all unsubstansiated and a cover up excuse for the people of Bulolo taking the law into their own hands. Mr Sam Basil has not been really vocal with his councillors in condemning this. Now you got gun toting criminals running around the streets of Bulolo causing damage to community service institutions like the schools & churches & demanding food & money at gun point. The response from the authorities is still not positive. In any other civil society these criminals would have been shot dead. Where is Sam Basil in all this? Yet the authorities are negotiating with them. In a democratic country you do not negotiate with a terrorists. You simply snuff them.
    Immediately after the liquor ban was lifted, there was a killing in Bulolo by a Patep leaders son. The Pateps have yet to bring him in to face justice. There was another one in Wau. You can hardly point your finger at the Sepiks without addressing the real issue of law & order and looking at the actual facts. Just because 1 Sepik youth is involved in a killing does not mean all Sepiks in General are killers and troublemakers. In fact Sepiks have stood up for Watuts & Pateps whenever the rascals of Bulolo market have snatched bilums & abused market vendors.
    The 1st killing that led to the burning down of the Sepik settlements has been established that it was done by the Pateps themselves. Why have there not been any arrests todate on this.

    It shows complete breakdown in law & order and as member for Bulolo Sam Basil should be knocking on Somare's door everyday to get answers. Not fight him in the media. You do not gain anything by doing that. You are simply serving your people whether Sepik or Morobeans.

  5. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Papua New Guineans are getting sick and tired of Sepiks, who cause so many social problems throughout the country. Enough is enough! Go home to your Sukindimi country!

  6. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Fuck you, Kevin Pondikou!

  7. Anonymous7:18 PM

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  9. Anonymous10:52 AM

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