Sunday, August 29, 2010

Do not politicise the Bulolo conflict

Bulolo MP
As the 2012 elections are fast approaching, I would like to once again appeal to serial general election candidates and recycled leaders not to politicise the issue at the expense of the Bulolo ethnic clash.
There are opportunists who use pen names in letters to the editor or on the ground, taking sides with either party of the conflicting groups, playing the blame game or publishing more unfounded accusations.

 I see these cannot help the affected and the vulnerable ones on ground zero.

When the election writs are delivered by the Governor General in April to July 2012, then we all can play the political game.

Today's situation demands common sense from all walks of life to help in any way possible. 

Morobe governor Luther Wenge and myself may have not done enough,  but when we all come to properly analyse the situation,  we will find that there are so many contributing factors that has led to the re-emergence of the situation.

Law and order, lack of funding, slowness of the provincial law and order committee meeting, disappearance of the uncertified report by the Wau urban LLG manager, police not enforcing the full force of the law on both sides of the conflicting parties, lifting of the liquor ban by the magistrate at the request of the liquor traders and worst of all politicking of this unfortunate issue.

The office that I hold is not a private business that I own.

 It is a public office, therefore, every aspiring or recycled politician has every right under the sun to contest or recontest.

I will not run away with this office.

 It belongs to the people and the people themselves will decide who will be their next political leader.

The time will come when we all will hit the polls.

 I appeal to all people not to unnecessarily accuse or point fingers anymore.

 Let us all work together and leave the politics for the right time as guranteed for under the Constitution.


Hon Sam Basil

Bulolo MP

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