Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Maprik to fund more farmer training

A female youth receiving her certificate from Maprik district administrator Simon Faelau, while councillor Ulupu Ward and head trainer IATP look on.-Picture by RAY ROBERTS
By UNRE Public Relations

 Maprik district administrator Simon Faelau has pledged to fund further farmer training in the Yamil/Tamahui local level government (LLG) in Maprik from the district’s joint dis­trict priority (JDP) committee funds.
The trainings will be facilitated by the University of Natural Resources & Environment under its integrated agricultural training programme (IATP).
Announcing this at the closing of an IATP training that was conducted in the LLG’s Ulupu village, Faelau also committed Maprik JDP funds to other projects which include:
• Cocoa quality training for cocoa dryer owners;
• A classroom at a local primary school for K20, 000; and
• K1 million road maintenance.
He commended the university for “bringing the training to the grassroots level”.
Yamil/Tamaui president Tony Kaup also extended apprecia­tion to the university for tak­ing the beneficial training to his people.
He urged the participants to utilise the skills they had gained to improve the liveli­hoods of their families.
The ceremony, which was held on Saturday, August 21, was also attended by the district police station com­mander, executive director of non government organisation Foundation of Women in Ag­ricultural Development Mon­ica Otto, UNRE Sepik Central campus acting director Gitala Pranis, district rural develop­ment officer James Hosea and other local leaders.
The Maprik police com­mander also conducted an alcohol and substance abuse community awareness, par­ticularly on homebrewed al­cohol and marijuana.
He urged parents to exer­cise more control over their children and occupy them with productive activities to sustain their living.
This, he said, would keep them away from taking illicit drugs.

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