Monday, September 20, 2010

MMV donates to Mumeng police barracks

Members of the police force and the new houses against a panoramic Mumeng background
Bulolo MP

Bulolo MP Sam Basil talks about the need to make his electorate a better and safer place to live and work in
The new Mumeng station will be one of the fastest-developing stations in Bulolo district after its re-location from its old location which was devastated by the Kumalu River some six years ago.
The station will in the future serve the population of Mumeng, Buang and parts of Wampar local level government in terms of court circuits, lock-ups, shops, post office, service stations and other essential services that a small township can offer.
Landowners of Wafi have shown interest in having some spin-offs from the Wafi mine development to be directed towards the station and is supported by my office.
In late 2007, Morobe Tutumang,  of which I am a member,  approved K500, 000 from the Morobe provincial government 2010 for the construction of those five houses for police in Mumeng station.
Guests taking a tour of the new houses
Construction started in late 2008 and finished early 2010.
The houses were vacant for at least a year until my joint district planning and budget prioritees committee (JDP&BPC) approved the K2m law and order programme.
Guests led by Bulolo MP Sam Basil finish in specting one of the new houses
Part of the funding covered the new police station of Mumeng including furniture , computers and networking software.
JDP&BPC also funded fencing and white goods.
There is a pavement from the driveway into the house and EMTV broadcasting systems for the station.
Law and order is of a concern to all stake holders in the district and the district must be seen to work hand-in-hand with all stake holders.
Morobe Mining Joint Ventures (MMJV) stepped in with the purchase of six new Tuffa tanks, six electric water pumps and plumbing to help fasttrack the development.
Representatives from MMJV

MMJV community affairs manager Stanley Komunt spoke on behalf of the company and stressed that MMJV was keen on being a partner in such projects.
He said the company's donation showed its commitment to the district and the government of Papua New Guinea.
Morobe PPC Peter Guiness makes a point at the gathering
He officially handed over MMJV’s donations.
Morobe provincial police commander Supt Peter Guiness praised MMJV for its timely donation and assured the district and MMJV that he would source policemen for the rural police programmes to come to Mumeng and reside there to conduct their duties.
It is planned that under the K2m budget, a police vehicle including annual running costs, driver's allowances, 10 community police uniforms and monthly allowances, three firearms (a bolt action high powered rifle, pump action shot gun and a gas gun) and ammunition.
The police station will be under the command of a regular senior constable who will be based in Mumeng.
A total of seven areas have been targeted:
  • Wau Rural LLG (Biaru-based);
  • Wau Town (markets and shop-based);
  • Bulolo Town (market and shopping area-based);
  • Upper Watut LLG (Manianda-based);
  • Buang LLG;
  • Mumeng LLG (Mumeng-based); and
  • Mumeng Station command (Mumeng-based).
From a call out there will be more than 70 men armed with 21 firearms ready to take on any problems before reinforcements arrive,  all for K2m with annual funding to sustain operational costs.

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