Monday, October 25, 2010

Angau: Susan Kingal condition 'stable'


SUSAN Kingal’s condition is being closely monitored at the Angau Memorial Hospital, The National reports.
Apparently, her situation was not as bad as thought.
“She is not on life support,” hospital chief executive officer Dr Polapoi Chalau said in a statement last Friday.
“Though the injuries sustained are serious and severe, the condition is stable.”
Kingal had sustained head injuries and suffered a broken right arm and nose in the fatal road accident in Zumim bridge last Monday that claimed the life of her husband, evangelist Joseph.
The Kingals had been returning from a rally in Madang when they failed to negotiate a sharp corner.
Their four children also suffered injuries but Chalau did not say anything about their state.
Members of the Joseph Kingal Ministry at Omili said last Thursday, at a press conference, that they were planning on a medivac for the wife and children to Australia.
After that public statement, all information on the Kingals had been tightly guarded.
There was no information on the corpse of the late evangelist.
While his Rolka tribesmen were in mourning in the Dei council area of the Western Highlands, fellow directors of his ministry were keeping a vigil in “an upper room” of the multi-million-kina complex that housed the movement at Ngamili Street at Omili, Lae, Morobe.
They had been praying since last Tuesday for the return of Kingal’s spirit or for a sign from God that he was not going to return.

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