Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pastor Joseph Kingal is dead

Wife and children in hospital after tragic road accident

CHRISTIANS and Lae residents were last night mourning the death outspoken spiritual leader and evangelist Pr Joseph Kingal (pictured above, right), who was killed in a road accident yesterday evening, The National reports.
Kingal and his family were involved in a tragic road accident at Zuming Bridge in Markham, about 120km out of Lae.
Kingal, his wife Susan, and their four children were returning to Lae from Madang when the accident happened.
Pr Sesere Kebei, who rushed to the accident site, said the vehicle, driven by Kingal, overshot the bridge and fell into the river.
It was not clear what caused the accident.
Kingal and his family were returning home after a week-long crusade in Madang.
The spiritual leader sustained fatal injuries to his head
and body, Kebei said.
“It appears he died at the site. It was a real tragedy,” he said.
Susan Kingal and one of the younger child sustained serious injuries but were believed to be in “serious but stable condition”, Kebei said.
Mutzing police station commander Sgt Alex Romosaso said Kingal was killed in the accident as he was driving his family to Lae in their family vehicle – a Toyota landcruiser trooper – late in the afternoon.
Staff members at Mutzing Health Centre tried frantically to stabilise the condition of the family before rushing them to Angau Memorial Hospital last night.
News about the accident spread quickly throughout Lae city and around the country.
Christian members and relatives around the city rushed to the Angau Memorial Hospital and waited for the family to arrive.
The family was brought to Angau hospital’s accident and emergency entrance and rushed to the operating theatre as family members, Christians and Lae residents held a prayer vigil.
The hospital was packed with people, and Kuima and G4S security guards worked hard to control the crowd, to ensure they were not in the way of medical staff.
A nurse contacted by The National last night said they were under strict instructions not to speak to anyone about the condition of the pastor and his family.
Kebei said he had known Kingal since university days.
“His impact and influence was extraordinary. He had a great heart and mind and was a very inspirational person.”
Joseph and Susan Kingal founded The Word, The Spirit, and The Cross Evangelistic Ministries Inc, in 1994. Since then, they had inspired, saved and healed thousands of people nationwide.
Kingal holds a degree in accounting from the University of Technology while his wife had graduated from Madang’s Divine Word University with a diploma in accountancy.


  1. I personally knew both Joseph and his wife, and this makes me sad to learn of this tragedy.
    Susan and her children will be in my thoughts, while I believe Joseph is home now meeting our Lord and King.

  2. Very very sad indeed but it should have never happened.

    The Zuming bridge is a death trap and has been responsible for at least 50 deaths (and probably more) in the past 4 years since it was built. The main issue with it is the steel decking which when you get a bit of water on it it is as slick as ice. The slippery surface and the speed at which vehicles approach the bridge make for a deadly combination.

    Many of us have called on the NRA, Dept of Works, Prime Minister's Dept, etc. to have the bridge resurfaced to make it safe. Unfortunately this has fallen on deaf ears and has cost yet again the life of a leader of this great nation.

  3. I heard that Susan Kingal also died. Is this true? Can anybody confirm?

    It is very sad and heart breaking to loose such mighty people of the Lord, who have reached their hands to save lost souls in all corners of this earth, where ever they set foot.

    May His Soul Rest in Eternal peace.

  4. Sioni S11:45 AM

    A huge loss to PNG and the world: he had great plans on globalizing the ministry.

    I am feeling this loss too as he was a preacher/evangelist that my whole family and I used to watch on TV in POM. He sure had a charisma, power, and way of reaching out to different demographics.

    May his soul rest in peace, and may the work that he has started live on as a memorial.

  5. Chrisenthia12:03 PM

    I personally don't know the family but he's a worldwide icon and inspiration to many. Most of my family and friends have been touched by his ministry and I do pray and extend my sympathy to those closest to him.

    Death is never an ending path but an open door to a new never-ending life with the MAKER!

  6. Anonymous12:39 AM

    As a fellow man, I am very sorry for what happened to him and his family. My condolences to all that he left behind.

    Only that it is strange a "man of the Lord" like him would pass away in a tragic way. It makes some of us wonder.

    With Mr. Kingal gone, I suppose God is loving enough to provide somebody better for those who really have faith in Him. I have lately been comparing Mr. Kingal with this preacher I found on the Internet, http://www.livestream.com/elisoriano. Maybe you would like to try him out, too?

  7. Anonymous5:56 PM

    We Are In The End Times Now...This is serious...God's Great Taken out earlier than I thought...Well It's About Time...Come Maranatha Come...Now Lord Jesus...For Those Brethren Taken unto you means the end times may not be far away...make Me, My Husband and my Children Ready For You that we too meet you anytime anywhere...In Jesus Name, Amen

  8. Supporters of JK Minisries, Brisbane, Australia6:12 PM

    People, Take Heed, We are in the end times like our other brethren that just posted above...Rapture taking place and we must all be ready...now...Death arrives at anytime however to happen this way is a real mind opener and very lately well just this week I have told my children how precious it is to be awake from waking up every morning when we could be dead like our past fallen brethrens...I shared with them to say every night before going to bed “Father into your heads I commit my spirit” and every morning when they wake up they are to say “Thank you Father God, I am alive” Alas I am truly grieved but excited as I know JK is with Our Lord Jesus...All I know is that we are in the end times ...God allowed JK to pass on it is possible he will raise another Great Leader in his place or look at it this way...God is removing all his believers now to avoid the very bad end times that are nearing...everything is makings sense...the global warming, the GHGE, the world crisis that is on-going, crashing of many economies...people and many more becoming greedy and stealing all these is as Jesus said in the end times signs...So brethren...Let us be prepared...pray for our families one another and be ready...Our end must be in God's heads and not the opposite..This really keeps me reforecast in my life...Thank You Jesus Maranatha Come Lord Jesus...We await any time, In Jesus Name, Amen

  9. Anonymous1:23 AM

    Only God knows the reason Joesph died in the accident. We must not question God's ability to prevent the accident. All things work for the glory of God. We must be thankful that God used him and He has touched thousands of lives through his ministry. I pray for his close family members and relatives. God will give them peace and assurance during this moments of confusion and doubt. May his soul rest in peace until Christ comes to take us Home. Shalom!

  10. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Pastor Kingal was a great person,a man of God and an example we all could learn from.WE pass thru this earth once and should leave behind foot prints for others to remember us when we are gone..Pastor Kingal left behind so many of them which surely made alot of differences in the lives of so many people.He's gone home to be with God, is father.MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN PEACE!May his beloved family be comforted and be kept in God's arms. With Prayer and Love.

  11. Anonymous9:49 PM

    I wish I had known Pastor Joseph Kingal more close. Even still, I feel devasted. The country needs him. But that's God... His ways are higher than our ways. He allowed it to happened for a purpose only HIMSELF know. He body is dead but his life is watching over, anything can ... A MIRACLE IS POSSIBLE. For all things are possible through CHRIST... CHRISTIANS DON'T GIVE UP. If his death was not the appointed time, HE CAN STILL BE RAISED TO LIFE.JUST WAIT until his wife is concious and life again. She will take the lead. EM TINGTING Bilong Mi tasol...FAITH MOVE MOUNTAINS

  12. Anonymous6:27 AM

    It is indeed a sad moment for all who are closer to JK as well as us who know him from distance. We may plan for tomorrow but great God has his own ways. We may question, why .... this happened to a great servant of God. But God gives and takes for his own glory. May God guide and protects the family in hospital and comfort them with HIS internal peace. Every moment we think of you in our prayers...

  13. Dr. Dennis Teague12:29 PM

    Joseph and I were conference speakers in China a few years ago. I really enjoyed teaming with this man of God. God touched his nation through his life. We grieve for the loss but believe that those he influenced will be inspired by his example and motivated by his death to take the torch of truth and run faster and farther than he did.

  14. Anonymous9:39 AM

    1 cor 3:16
    Body is temple of Holy Ghost. I still have to figure out such damaged was done to late Joseph's body and dumped in that river, a body used for God's work. Its the manner in which.....christians we must be careful with God..a true worship in God is ''Philippians 2:12 Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. ''

    Fear and trembling.. is the humble way to God and salvation.

  15. Its been a long time for me now to say He is a true brother to me.. I am so grateful to be one of the last person apart from your family that you asked me to to drive the team from Madang to Law..Sure I still value our days in Madang in which you asked me to help facilitate Bro I owe you and even to take you on you all the way to Angau.

    Bro its been a while and I still embrass every words that you were able to share with me.

    I thank my Good Lord for you being a brother in those last remaining times and giving me an opportunity to take you to Lae for the Last time..

    You are A man for the Season lukim you soon when Lord permits but for now the Mission must continue..