Thursday, November 25, 2010

Prime Minister defends family

PRIME Minister Sir Michael Somare has hit back at the opposition and media for persecuting him and his family with allegations for political convenience, The National reports.

Sir Michael sought leave from parliament and, in a personal explanation, said the Somare family had not taken anything away from the country that did not belong to it.

“I brought this country through to independence with the best of intentions.

“Nobody should put up with the kind of venom that my entire family has been subjected to over the years that I have been in office,” Sir Michael said.

“Yes, I am a member of parliament and a public figure, but there are standards of conduct even in our everyday life when dealing with each other as human beings, even towards people in public life.”

The prime minister said it was for political convenience that the Moti Affair was continually being flogged by the opposition.

He said the matter concerning the Taiwanese deal was put to rest months ago when the courts in Singapore identified the persons involved in the scam and dealt with them.

“It is not a matter for Papua New Guinea.

“Similarly, the Singapore bank account is a figment of the opposition’s imagination.

“Until an ounce of proof comes out, it is insanity ... we all know the definition that Bart Philemon provided us so illustriously of doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result.

“Meanwhile, the Ombudsman Commission is holding tightly onto the only shred of

purported breach that they can claim against me.

“Yet, on a daily basis, my family and I have been trialed by the media on unfounded claims and allegations.

“Never in the history of PNG has any other family been dealt with in such an indecent manner.”

Sir Michael said this type of politics had never been played out in this manner over the last 35 years where personal attacks had become the order of the day.

“I have watched the many finger-pointing that has been going on.

“We have lost our sense of decency.

“The opposition leader has equally reduced himself to name-calling instead of constructive debate.

“It is equally interesting that, recently, there have been many statements made about our attitude by the public at large.

“There is no respect for one another anymore,” he said.

“Is government to blame when individuals take pride out of a filthy habit like betelnut chewing?

“I have been in my car when plastic bottles were hurled at the window full of betelnut spittle. What a disgrace.

“I have seen cars parked in the middle of the road while two wantoks speak to each other. Passing cars have to find room to manoeuvre around them.

“Is it the responsibility of government to instill basic principles of respect into these individuals? Disgraceful!”

He said the word corruption crept in too easily into people’s vocabulary every day.

“We do not need proof anymore for corruption. We can just say the word and it becomes a fact.”

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  1. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Common Chief blong ol Sepik, tok stret. Your family is having sleepless nigts because of your own doing, not that of Sir Mekere, the Opposition or any one Papua New Guinea. Papua New Guineans are human beings and they have been watching closely what you and your family have been doing and they resent it very much. So if you think Papua New Guineans hate your and your family, then your are right.
    Please Sepik Chief, do not beg for our sympathy. We already know the truth in our hearts as well the Almighty God, and in time that truth will come out. Time is now on our side, and its time for your to exit politics with some dignity intact because your services are past their use date.