Sunday, November 14, 2010

Somare now behaving like a dictator

Opposition Leader Sir Mekere Morauta said today that Michael Somare is turning Papua New Guinea into “Mugabeland”.
“Somare has all the ingredients and recipes in place,” he said.
“The two most-important disciplinary forces, the Defence Force and the Police have been tribalised and converted into instruments at his disposal and for his use.  “Papua New Guineans should be extremely worried about these developments and must not allow these tribal roots to take hold.
“These moves are fraught with danger and set sickening precedents for others to follow in the future. 
 “Michael Somare has to be blamed squarely for these atrocious, self-serving acts.”
“This is why this Government has to be changed – to save our country and our future.
“The alleged capture by Somare’s bodyguards and alleged bashing of NGO activist Noel Anjo by the Prime Minister and his wife, demonstrate Somare’s preparedness to silence any critic, by any means, including violence and use of the institutions of state.
“I remind Papua New Guineans of the Prime Minister walking across the floor of Parliament to the Opposition front bench, in spitting distance, saying to the Member for Bulolo Sam Basil ‘I will kill you’.
“This again demonstrates Somare’s willingness to stop at nothing to silence any sign of criticism or threat, in ways most inappropriate for a leader. 
“Why do we put up with this?”
Sir Mekere concluded:  “This Government has so much to protect that it will stop at nothing to stay in power, even if it destroys the Constitution and people’s freedom. 
“Wake up Papua New Guineans.”

Mekere Morauta KCMG MP                              
Leader of the Opposition and                                           
Member for Moresby North-West                         

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  1. bernard oberleuter8:17 PM

    When I first joined the PNG Public many years ago, I was instructed to serve the government of the day without fear or favour. It was drummed into my head that I must refrain from politics and/or have no political affiliation with or seen to be associated with anhy hot heads in line with the UN charter of a free, democratic and independent nation. I was also made aware that ALL public service appointments were on the merits of the public servants and under NO circumstances were political appointments to be made... The integrity of the Public Service has been compromised, bastardised and prostituted for all and sundry to see, yet SILENCE is still on the lips and minds of ALL good and honest thinking citizens... If the citizens of the country say nothing, it only means one thing, that they the people of Papua New Guinea, agree and support what the government is doing to the people it was purported to serve in the interests of the nation and not themselves.... Many critics of the government have in some form or another have been affected by the dieseses the government is portraying NEPOTISM AND CORRUPTION. Is this the reason why the SEPIKS are kings and queens of Papua na Nuigini .... Papuans are a sleepy log, they are fragmentated, and disunity prevails, every boby just wants a knighthood, too many sirs in a small island national per population ration... too many sirs have breached the code of ethics, yet still remain sirs.... i.e. Moi Avei... is one classical example... What to do now and where to go ??? Trade unions are a sorry sight for sore eyes, where is TONY ILA ????? Liosi. Kapai Aria, kighthood only cost 20 toea in PNG... if you support the right party in government, you are certain to receive a knighthood, it's a laughing stock of the countries elite,,, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, the gaps between the haves and the have nots are getting wider, wider and wider like the Markham river... Ah, well the people are well taken care of by their elected so called leaders who sit in their ivory hotel rooms and pig out on the public purse, they once never had??? So whats new, Somare is UNSEATABLE, UNMOVEABLE, UNSTOPPABLE, who will have the the hairy balls to topple Somare and his cohorts....