Monday, December 06, 2010

Polye condemns reports over court challenge



DEPUTY Prime Minister Don Polye has urged the public not to be manipulated and brainwashed by naïve political tactics employed by individuals and groups who are hell-bent on tarnishing the good name of the national government, The National reports.

Commenting on last week’s Post-Courier reports alleging that the prime minister had lost his court appeal challenging his referral to the public prosecutor, Polye said: “I challenge those individuals and groups, including the opposition, to think about how they can contribute meaningfully to the development of this nation instead of engaging in counter-productive bickering over

trivial matters, which, most likely, is for purposes of advancing their political interests other than anything else.”

The deputy prime minister said the matter relating to the referral of the prime minister was being addressed by the judicial system and it was wrong for groups and individuals to capitalise on the issue for their political gain or otherwise.

Polye, who is Works and Transport Minister, also called on young politicians not to be misled by the so-called veteran politicians who had little to show in terms of their contributions to the development of this country.

“I further call on the youths to be vigilant and ensure they do not become influenced by the cheap politicking that is, unfortunately, becoming an all-too-common practice that unpopular and weak leaders resort to demean other leaders,” Polye said.

He said there were more rewarding matters that journalists should give emphasis to allow for the public to reflect on and discuss rather than wasting time on exaggerating an issue that was still before the courts.

Polye said while freedom of expression and information were the cornerstone of PNG’s thriving democracy, it was unfortunate that some citizens tended to abuse their purposes for ill-conceived motives.



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