Sunday, January 16, 2011

New governor general's election by parliament seems another political joke!

Last Friday’s midday news bulletin just told Papua New Guineans what its dysfunctional Parliament did that morning in its first new year business.

The media in the preceeding 48 hours had mooted the government’s first choice nominee of a current sitting MP to be the next governor-general for PNG. 

So it was not surprising for all to learn by noon that parliament had elected the government’s first choice for GG in a secret ballot, the country’s new representative for the Queen of Papua New Guinea.

Yes, it’s official now. 

PNG has a new vice-regal amidst still very-controversial circumstances.

The new vice-regal is current Member for North Bougainville and Minister for higher Education, Michael Ogio.

Government and parliament started off a very rowdy 2011 session at 10am last Friday after the morning’s prayer session to start the year’s parliament proceedings.

After the snap election of a still unsuitable GG, there will not be any parliamentary business for a few months more until May 2011.

The people’s assembly has gone into forced hibernation at the people of PNG’s expense.

Parliament will rise at 2pm Tuesday, May 10, 2011.

It must equally be very frustrating for both parliamentary opposition and member for Moresby-South and minister for community development, Dame Carol Kidu

The government has once again used its great numbers as in its two previous house sessions to quash any chances of planned votes of no-confidence against the prime minister and or government.

The government’s actions using parliament has also again totally ignored Dame Kidu’s long-awaited private member’s bill on the issue of: 22 reserved seats for women in parliament.

This much-delayed issue has again been put on the backburner of government business in parliament.

The only serious agenda at hand now, in as far as the acting speaker Maru was concerned, was the election of a new GG by parliament as the first business of 2011.

What a great shame, the PNG parliament has turned out to welcome the new year. 

It is a sure sign of more funny business to come in the remaining life of this parliament, and the government of Michael Somare leading up to the 2012 national elections.

Acting speaker, Francis Maru’s overall actions have so far being very disappointing for he is again displaying similar mistakes as his boss, Jeffrey Nape - who is still on an MP missing in action list for several weeks now.

What a bunch of clowns PNG politicians and the people’s house has become during PM Somare’s watch.

The public can again expect more legal challenges looming over the horizon for the government when parliament next rises.

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