Saturday, February 26, 2011

Labor Senator Conroy geographically challenged

From John Pasquarelli
Labor Senator Conroy claimed in Foreign Affairs Estimates Thursday Feb 24,  2011,  that "Indonesia is our closest neighbour"
Papua New Guinea,  of course,  is Australia's closest neighbour (4km away at the narrowest point compared to closest point between Australian territory and Indonesia 500km).
Is Labor unaware of the existence of PNG?


  1. He is simply dumb.

  2. Pasquarelli geographically challenged - yes PNG is Australia's closest neighbour, but the closest point of Australian territory (Deliverance Island) to Indonesia (at the mouth of the Bensbach River) is 75km, not 500.

  3. john pasquarelli1:20 PM

    I was simply quoting the good Labor Senator