Monday, February 28, 2011

Petromin Haus adds to changing Port Moresby skyline


The magnificent Petromin Haus today.-Picture by MALUM NALU
The changing skyline of Port Moresby continues with the magnificent new Petromin Haus at 2-Mile in Port Moresby, opposite Murray Barracks, which will be opened on Friday by prime minister Sir Michael Somare.
Petromin today gave no costs for the building, except to say that all would be announced at the opening.
“The building was pre-fabricated in Indonesia to Petromin specifications, and delivered, with all furniture and fittings, in containers,” according to the company.
“This includes the cost of land, design, materials, fittings, furniture, and security features.
“The building is one of PNG’s first green buildings, and has many energy-saving features, including climate control, insulated roofing, and reflective glass panelling.
“It is designed to save energy.
“The building was designed to company specifications by a Jakarta-based firm, and was constructed over a period of 10months.
“It is earthquake proof, and the structure is coated in a fireproof material that ensures that despite fire damage, the structure will remain intact.”
Petromin staff began operating from the premises on Jan 3, 2011.
All divisions and subsidiaries of the company are located within the building, except for the Tolokuma gold mine administration, which is still based at Waigani.
Petromin PNG Holdings Ltd is an independent company created by the state of Papua New Guinea to hold the state's assets and to maximise indigenous ownership and revenue gains in the mineral and petroleum sectors.
It is empowered as the vehicle to better leverage the state's equity holdings and encourage more production and downstream processing of oil, gas and minerals in PNG through proactive investment strategies either wholly or in partnership with resource developers.

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