Monday, March 14, 2011

Office: PM in perfect health



PRIME Minister Sir Michael Somare is fine, confident and looking forward to facing the leadership tribunal this morning, The National reports.

There have been concerns about his health as he slid down his seat in a temporary lapse during the hearing last Friday morning.

The office of the prime minister has denied any serious health problems, saying Sir Michael will be at the tribunal today.

Spokesperson and the prime minister’s daughter Betha Somare told The National over the weekend that Sir Michael, who did not want to keep the tribunal waiting, had rushed up the ramp at the Supreme and National Court and was out of breath once seated.

She said the prime minister’s short lapse in the courtroom was not serious, but the public prosecutor called for a short adjournment as a precaution.

“He (PM) did not want to keep the judges waiting so he rushed up the ramps and was out of breath. He is fine, confident and looking forward to facing the tribunal tomorrow (this) morning,” she said.

The prime minister’s office also denied speculations that he had again collapsed at his home and was rushed to a private hospital and then flew out of the country for medical treatment at the weekend.

The prime minister had been going abroad for regular medical checks but last Friday’s lapse was unrelated.

Sir Michael is facing charges of misconduct in office for failing to submit his annual returns to the Ombudsman Commission between 1994 and 1997.

The prime minister’s morale and confidence had been boosted by his entire cabinet ministers attending the leadership tribunal last Thursday and Friday.



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