Friday, March 25, 2011

Tambul-Nebilyer builds roads

Tambul-Nebilyer district in Western Highlands is placing emphasis on development of road infrastructure, according to local MP and Civil Aviation Minister Benjamin Poponawa.
These include the 17km national government-funded sealing of a 17km stretch of the Tomba-Tambul road by Dekenai Construction Ltd, which is expected to be completed by July and open up a whole new world of opportunities for Tambul people.

Part of the 17km stretch of the Tomba-Tambul road which is being sealed by Dekenai Construction Ltd.-Pictures by MALUM NALU
Apart from the Tomba-Tambul road sealing, Poponawa’s joint district planning and budget priorities committee (JDPBPC) has allocated K7.5 million funding for the 22km Tambul-Piambil upgrading, 10km Tambul-Upper Mendi, 7km Tambul ring road, 7km Pokerapul-Sisinpi, 10km Highlands Highway-Porabruk, and 12km West Kambia.
He is mindful of the new opportunities the liquefied natural gas project in neighbouring Southern Highlands will bring to his people.
Tambul already prides itself as the ‘capital’ of potatoes and other fresh vegetables, and already has some of the best services found in a rural area such as good roads, health, education, mobile phone, television, district treasury and internet connectivity.
Poponawa, however, believes that Tambul-Nebilyer can do better.
“Our major objective in the district is road infrastructure,” Poponawa told me in Tambul.

Project signboard along the Tomba-Tambul road
 “Once that is in place, all services will follow through.
“When you have improved roads, services start flowing in such as education, health, agriculture and others.
“What we’re doing is we’re opening up every road, even feeder roads.
“This has made life much easier for all stakeholders and everyone in the district.
“Tambul is a remote district but it’s unique, in that people have access to almost everything here.”
Poponawa said health, education and law and order were other priority areas of his JDPBPC.
“All health centres are operational, are fully stacked, and supplied with fully-kitted ambulances with two-way radios,” he said.
“All educational institutions from elementary and primary schools, and technical/vocational centres are all operational.

The well-maintained Tambul primary school
“We have staff, infrastructure and schools are running on time.
“We have law and order problems, however, these are minimal.
“Tribal fighting has reduced greatly.
“Alcohol and drug problems are being addressed with the help of churches.
“That’s why we are pumping a lot of money into the churches.
“We try to keep peace and good order through conflict resolution.
“We encourage conflict resolution through Peace Foundation Melanesia.”
Rural electrification and water are other priority areas of the Tambul-Nebilyer JDPBPC, with plans in place to bring these to all villages.


  1. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Yeah, come on Malum, what more is there for you to tell us. Please reveal all those for PNG. If Tambul can do it, why not other districts. Do they get the same kind of money from government? Shame on their leaders. Stop buying unecessary vehicles for primary schools, nonsense. Build their classrooms, but their text books, pencils and chalks; buy them more reading books and encourage them to read alot and improve their English- instead of having a degree and still cannot write a good paraghaph!

  2. Thanks Anonymous. I have travelled to many rural areas of the country, and I can tell you that Tambul is one of the most-developed, thanks to its hard-working and honest leader.

  3. Anonymous10:33 PM

    Thank you Mr Malum for bringing this achivments to the world.
    For the last 36 years none of the past parlimentry leaders have contributed meaningfully to the electorate. Now we can see services arriving at the door steps. I wish I was living in this electorate to enjoy the services. The bulk of the population that are living beyond Tambul to Lower Kaugul and future to Yombi can be assured of your services. All though I am from neighbouring Yombi, SHP, I am very proud to see an honest leader emerging from from the cries and prayers of the silent majority. God Bless you

    Petrus Polondi - Yombim

  4. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Mr Malum Nalu,

    I salute you for the report above and would like to find out if the services had finally reached the people esp . the road projects you highlighted above.

    In Tambul alone, there are three groups divided into Upper Kagul, Middle Kagul and Lower Kagul. I come from the Lower Kagul from a total population of over 17,000 within 7 councillor wards.

    The so called K7.5 m for the upgrading of 22km road project, from Tambul-Piambil is incomplete. It stops at Opule village, that is the end of Middle Kagul and the people of Lower Kagul are still waiting in vain for the government services to reach them.

    It is coming to limelight that the Upgrading of the Tambul-Piambil road was only political Orchestrated with motivations to milk the public purse and following are the reasons.

    1. It is believed the company upgrading the road is owned by a Paul Kurai (Enga Provincial NA President) and has never gone through a tender process. WHY ? We all are aware about the tender formalities and processes. In this case the company owned just one tipper/dump truck and an excavator. How is it possible to bid and win a contract award for K7.5 m to upgrade a 22km road when the company owns just one tipper/dump truck and an excavator. All bidders should have sufficient equipment, human resource and finance where as this company was extremely lucky to be awarded the contract.

    2. Using this opportunity, Don Polye (was Minister for Works) in conjunction with Paul Kurai (owner of the contract company)who is also a Kangep and Engan NA man made K7.5 m for their self benefit.

    3. The 17,000 plus people from the lower Kagul are still waiting in vain for the project to reach them as they have been living in isolation since the Australian colonisation.

    4. There is an unbalance in service delivery and I believe entire Nebliyer people are also missing out on these vital services as well.

    Suggest you revisit the area for a fair report.

    Piambil Border

  5. Anonymous8:49 PM

    The Tambul-Piambil road was not completed because the Opule people did not want the road to continue past their area- and they stopped it. The Opule people only know why they did it. And the company withdraw. But sadly the people beyond Opule, from Gia to Piambil, are suffering for that important road infrastructure. Ask the Opule people why that stopped the road work. That opportunity was missed.

    Right now the MP is concentrating around the Tambul area for roads. But he has served (equally) all parts of Tambul Nebilyer for health, communication, education, law and order, church, etc. He may want to go to Nebilyer and other areas in the next five years. Who knows.

    The major problem with him is he seems to be quite. Yes, he wants actions to speak but he as an intellect of PNG and national leader, we expect every leader to rise up and contribute on what you can for the country.