Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A thought for Hula

In loving memory of HULA DEBE NALU (28.08.76-23.03.08) who left us so suddenly, and so tragically, without a word of goodbye, on this day in 2008.
We love and miss you so much...Malum and our children Malum Jr, Gedi, Moasing and Keith.


  1. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Malum, you are to be admired for the thoughtful postings you make concerning your wife. You clearly loved here and clearly miss her so much.

    Keep her fresh in your mind and heart.

  2. Ever since I started to follow this blog, I have felt deeply sorry for you on the loss of Hula. I always feel that people we love are always with us in spirit. People come and go, but memories are forever. Keeping someone special in your heart always provides great memories. These are memories you will never let go of even when you die. I am sure Hula appreciates that you've held her in your heart even two years since her passing. Still, I'm deeply sorry for the passing of your beautiful late wife.

    As for this blog, allow me to offer some kind words. Reading at least the headlines has given me some perspective on Papua New Guinea. I know very little about Papua New Guinea, but this blog and its insight has helped me to better educate myself on Papua New Guinea from many perspectives. Keep up the great work with this blog. Much respect to you and your work from here in the United States.