Thursday, April 21, 2011

Abal:Hate no more

ACTING Prime Minister Sam Abal has called on Papua New Guineans to abandon hatred and to make PNG a God-loving and fearing nation, The National reports.
In his Easter message, Abal called for resolve to stop discrimination and fight off endemic corruption “that is clogging the wheels of development”.
“Let us translate our ethnic and linguistic diversity into something that can infuse unity and harmony in this country,” he said.
“I thank Sir Michael Somare for allowing me the privilege of standing in for him as acting prime minister.
“I am sure the people of Wabag and Enga are equally appreciative of this gesture. Their prayers are with you at this time.”
He urged the people to use Easter to take stock of their lives and to identify and secure a place with God.
Abal said alcoholism had caused misery and destruction in the lives of families.
“We try at every festive occasion to spice it up with alcohol, which has never been part of our culture of remembrance.
“We must not do that this Easter as it will lead to disharmony and even tragedy for many.”
He said the gun culture gripping PNG must go and there must be common resolve to eradicate it, particularly in the highlands where it had destroyed traditional leadership and social control.
“A compensation culture is before us. We must replace it with the desire for honesty and truth.
“Unreasonable compensatory claims camouflage laziness and a beggar mentality.
“We must rise above these if we are to achieve nation-building and development which, together, ride on sheer hard work and self-sacrifice.
“The PNG LNG project, which promises to transform the economy in the not-too-distant future, comes with its short-comings.
“We are in business with new players regarding new and unfamiliar resources and its economics of business.
“But, as a host country and people, we must play our part to welcome such developments.
“We must allow for compromises where necessary at the same time we expect our investors to understand and respect our rights to land and property where these life-changing projects are situated.”
Abal said, as acting prime minister, he was confident of the support of all other hardworking ministers who are committed to repositioning the country to deliver the PNG Vision 2050, the development strategic plan and the medium-term development plan.
He said the state enterprises ministry, under the leadership of Arthur Somare, “is driving the sovereign wealth fund initiative which, when realised, will result in the growth of consolidated revenue”.
“Only recently, Papua New Guineans themselves met in Kokopo in common resolve to request the government to pay attention and support the fertilisation and development of an indigenous business class in the country.
“The government has promised to assist them. We will do that immediately.
“As we reflect this Easter, let us give thanks to God Almighty and Jesus Christ for their grace in giving us this beautiful and resource-rich nation.”

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