Thursday, April 21, 2011

LLGs miss out on quarterly funding

LOCAL level governments in Southern Highlands and the National Capital District town services did not get any funding from the national government in the first quarter of this year, The National reports.
The Department of Treasury and the National Economic and Fiscal Commission this week said first quarter allocations for most LLGs were not released because of the late or non-submission of LLG budgets to Treasury for approval.
None of Southern Highlands’ 32 LLGs received any funding even though K4,616,800 had been appropriated for the first quarter.
Only Morobe has one more LLG than the Southern Highlands, which presently included the Hela region.
Gulf was the next worst performer, with only one out of its 10 LLGs having received any money.
West Kikori LLG received its K50,000 allocation while the rest did not receive any funds from the K1,067,400 set aside for them.
Only Wabag and Wapenamanda LLGs received any funding out of Enga’s 15 LLGs.
Ambenob, Transgogol and Madang urban received their funding while 16 others missed out.
Other provinces did fairly well; with Manus leading the pack with 51% drawdown on its allocation of K485,100 for its 12 LLGs.
Its allocation is the smallest in the country.
Generally, the New Guinea Islands LLGs did very well with 50% drawdowns.
The Autonomous Region of Bougainville did not receive direct local level grants from the national government.
LLG grants are received by provincial governments and then passed on.
The grants can only be spent on goods and services and were not allowed to be spent on salaries, fees and allowances.
These are budgeted for separately by provinces and paid for from their internal revenue.

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