Monday, April 18, 2011

Pasquarelli decries loss of House of Assembly

A former member of the first House of The House of Assembly in 1964 has decried the selling its selling to Lamana Development Group to be turned into a hotel.

An Australian newspaper cutting from 1964 show from left John Pasquarelli, Simogen Peter, Sinake Giregire and Graham Pople.
John Pasquarelli, MP for Angoram Open Electorate from 1964-1968, said today that building should have been preserved because of its historical significance.
He said, however, that the history of the first House of Assembly should be reflected in the new building.
“The site is, of course, very prominent in the Moresby CBD and to be honest it has no outstanding architectural features that would warrant preserving it,” Pasquarelli said.

Opening of the first House of Assembly in June 1964.
“But it is the birthplace of PNG's democracy and the new building to be erected must feature clearly that history.
“I don't know about the new building being a replica of the old - I would have to see an architect's model first and the design, I assume, would be debated by the government and the people.

Members of the first House of Assembly in 1964.
“The entrance foyer and environs would be the obvious place to illustrate the history of the site and, at the risk of appearing vain, maybe a plaque detailing the names of the members of that first House Of Assembly should be included in any recognition.”

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