Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Somare:Abal will continue top job

PRIME Minister Sir Michael Somare said acting Prime Minister Sam Abal will continue to perform the functions and responsibilities of the office of the prime minister, The National reports.

Rudd drops in on PM … Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare got a surprise visit from his good friend and Australian foreign minister (and former Australian prime minister) Kevin Rudd while in Singapore on medical leave. Rudd was on his way back to Australia from duty visits to the Middle East and Europe. During the encounter, Sir Michael and Rudd also discussed the possibility of the latter visiting PNG next month. 
“I have accepted the decision of the tribunal and have served out the period of my two-week suspension from office as prime minister,” Sir Michael said.
“The country is in good hands and, while I am pleased that the period of my suspension is over, I will remain on medical leave until further notice,” the prime minister said in a short statement yesterday.
Abal, who is Deputy Prime Minister and Works minister, had been acting since Sir Michael was suspended.
“I take this opportunity to once again thank all the visitors and well-wishers, including those who are praying for my return to good health and speedy recovery,” Sir Michael said.
The prime minister, who is on medical leave in Singapore, said he had been visited by friend and former Australian prime minister and now foreign minister Kevin Rudd.
“During this period of infirmity, I was fortunate enough to be visited by my former Australian colleague, and now minister for foreign affairs, Kevin Rudd, on his way back from an official visit to the Middle East and Europe.
“We discussed issues surrounding my health and the possibility of a visit by Rudd to PNG in May.
“I reassured him that he is a friend of PNG and we will be looking forward to his visit,” Sir Michael said.

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