Monday, May 02, 2011

Amet is not in fair weather

The Opposition has come to the defence of Sumkar MP, Ken Fairweather, who has been subjected to racial remarks - courtesy of Attorney General, Sir Arnold Amet.

Leader of PNG PartyBelden Namah said for a so-called "highly-respected Christian leader and former Chief Justice to stoop so low with highly racial slurs is totally unbecoming and demeaning of a Knight".

"Leveling racial slur to a senior naturalised citizen who has contributed immensely to the development and advancement of Karkar Island and Papua New Guinea as a whole, is unwarranted, unfortunate and most regrettable," Namah said.

"Mr Fairweather is a long-time businessman and owns the Wakilon and Kawailo plantations on Karkar Island, where Sir Arnold comes from.

"The plantation has helped provided employment and business opportunities for many Karkar Islanders and local companies, which Sir Arnold could not."

During a public forum in Madang last week, Sir Arnold said: "I'm not a white man's cargo boy my friend, I don't need you, you pack up and leave my island."

Namah said: "In the 21st Century, there is no room for racist sentiments, particularly from professed Christians like Sir Arnold.

"Racism and apartheid are things of the past.

"The world hates both."

"The Attorney General's outburst clearly demonstrates his racist feelings from his inner heart. "People should be wary of such comments, which sends very negative perception of PNG in the global community.

"He should immediately re-track his highly inflammatory racial comments.

"He should also apologise publicly to Ken Fairweather.

"Failing that he should resign immediately forthwith."

Namah also called on the Ombudsman Commission to cite Sir Arnold for official misconduct for the use of racist comments against a naturalized citizen who has given his entire life to promoting and protecting PNG's interest.

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