Sunday, May 01, 2011

Crowning achievement for NASFUND managers


Charlie Gilichibi (left) and Ian Tarutia
 With change being a constant and globalisation a constant reminder Ian Tarutia MBE, Joint CEO of NASFUND and Charlie Gilichibi head of IT and Special Projects Coordinator took the plunge to further their post-graduate studies to ensure the rate of learning for NASFUND as an organisation has to be greater than the rate of change around NASFUND’s superannuation ecosystem both domestically and globally.
Professor Subba Rao, convener of the MBA programme, on congratulating the graduands said the MBA “promotes out-of-the-box thinking and cross-fertilization as a means toward development of innovative ideas, products and creative endeavors”.
He said if one thinks hiring professionals is expensive, try hiring amateurs – seeing the professional skills and knowledge from the human resource capital as a cost center is a common mistake that employers make and encourages all potential employers to consider hiring from the stock of UPNG’s MBA graduands.
Adding to Prof Rao’s comments, Tarutia said the programme allows executives in senior management capacities to connect practice with theory as a refresher to further enhance the growth of industry in PNG contributing to national plans such as the Vision 2050 as well as corporate plans.
The graduands concurred the newly-acquired knowledge will enable them to squeeze value from every drop of their endeavors always striving to deliver more value for NASFUND members.
For a progressive and dynamic organisation that is as successful as NASFUND for a little over 10 years, sustained success fatigue can lead to comfort that may sub-consciously become a formidable enemy.
As a commitment to NASFUND members, both in principle and practice Messrs Tarutia and Gilichibi sacrificed their own time after hours and on the weekends in their pursuit for knowledge so that they can succinctly and clinically improve internal business processes, enhance customer services, pay close attention to creating cost efficiencies and enhance sustainable advantage for the organisation through its learning and growth objective.
A cardinal rule of sustained success is a learning organisation.
The MBAs for the NASFUND graduands infact puts more wind into the sails of the NASFUND boat.
It takes a committed group of people to change an organisation and that enough changed organisations can change the world.
UPNG and other tertiary institutions in PNG are commended for providing post-graduate knowledge and skills that are and will continue to meet the increasing challenges of globalisation and domestic pressures in business and addressing other societal issues.

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