Thursday, June 09, 2011

Logistics a problem for fishing industry



LOGISTICS problem was identified as a major challenge for the fishing industry in PNG, given the escalating fuel prices and lack of transport access to certain parts of the country, The National reports.

Speaking at the fishing industry consultation meeting, managing director of Maru Mine Ltd, Meremi Maina said the fish industry was very demanding but issues such as logistics problems was a main setback.

Maina, who owns a fishing company in Daru, Western, said fishing was a challenging business and required strong fishing skills as well as knowledge on preserving methods to keep the fish fresh.

He said most of the lobsters and prawns from his factory were transported by air to Port Moresby and was a very costly exercise.

As a way of minimising operational costs, Maina has set up village buyers and assisted them with fuel and dinghies to buy fish from the villagers and transport to his factory.

He said concerned authority such as National Fisheries Authority should focus more on smaller players in the industry and not so much on big established fish factories.

Maru Marine Ltd exports more than 90% of its lobsters to Australia with the first initial export of 10 tonnes of lobster to the United States recently.

Other products from Maru Marine such as prawn, lobster and finfish are supplied to hotels and restaurants in Port Moresby.

Maina, who could be the longest serving national in the fishing industry having recently celebrated his 27th year in business, said money was not the issue but it was one’s determination and commitment to succeed in life.


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