Tuesday, June 21, 2011

No significant changes in parliament since 2002


Papua New Guinea will go to the polls  next year but there is no­thing for the citizens to get excited over.

Since 2002, parliament has been dysfunctional as the government has not demonstrated its political will and commitment to put in place the required wide-ranging political reforms.

The whole aim should be to improve PNG’s political and government systems and processes.

The government has no excuse for failing to deliver when it has the mandate to rule for two terms and resources at its disposal to use to make the system work.

The truth is our government is not really working for the people and country.

It is a sad state of affairs to now have a prime minister who should have called it a day a long time ago.

What has he really left behind? 

We do not even have a solid foundation of an “improved political system” for those who come after him.

As a result, these new members of parliament will now, it seems, take the country forward into an uncertain future.

Yes, our parliament and MPs certainly need more training so they know that what is required of them as elected representatives of their people.

The majority of our MPs are shirking their responsibilities as lawmakers at the expense of Papua New Guineans.

What I am going to say is not being patronising but the truth.

If they all tried hard, the 108 MPs will certainly learn something of value and substance from our only woman MP, Dame Carol Kidu, in what they should have done these past nine years.

It is a pity Dame Carol is not coming back in 2012.

The Dame has had enough of PNG politics and is taking her life back at her coastal home with her adopted Motuan people.

Thank you Dame Carol, you are a champion of the people. 

Your good deeds will not be forgotten for a very long time.

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