Friday, July 29, 2011

Polye: Come and get me


MEMBER for Kandep Don Polye, who insists he is still the National Alliance highlands party deputy leader, says those who want to oust him should do so at the caucus meeting, The National reports.
He arrived in Goroka, Eastern Highlands, yesterday for the NA highlands caucus meeting.
He told the NA regional leaders that he was in Goroka to conduct the caucus meeting as required by the party constitution.
"If they want to remove me, this is their chance," Polye said. 
"They must come to this meeting and follow the proper procedures in the party constitution to remove me.
"But, if they do not come, I, Don Pomb Polye, will remain the deputy leader of NA in the highlands."
He said that any breaches of the party's consti­tution would set a bad precedent for the party.
"Therefore, I followed the constitution as the regional deputy leader to call the meeting," he said.
Acting Prime Minister Sam Abal was last week elected by the party's parliamentarians to replace Polye. 
Polye yesterday thanked the highlands party provincial executives who met him at the airport, saying they were also committed to seeing the party's constitution maintained and followed.
He said the faction supporting Abal was trying to use the parliamentary process to remove him.
Polye said this was not the correct process in the party constitution.
Party executives Joyce Grant, John Timberambe, NA highlands president James Kond and NA MPs Sailon Beseo (Kainantu) and David Arore (Ijivitari) accompanied Polye to Goroka.
Provincial executives in the highlands region came with party members to the caucus meeting in Goroka.

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