Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Yasause explains disappearing act



THE case of the “disappearance” of murder suspect Theo Yasause was solved yesterday – by the good doctor himself, The National reports.

Yasause phoned The National newsroom from his Boroko police cell to say he had been there all the time; since April after all his application for bail was refused by the district, national and supreme courts.

There was confusion in court on Monday when neither the prison officers nor police could tell Justice Nicholas Kirriwom where Yasause was after he had failed to appear in court.

But, when he did turn up yesterday, the former director of the Office of Climate Change told Kirriwom, through his lawyer Canute Nidue, that they were not aware of a hearing the previous day.

Kirriwom did not question him further.

Nidue also apologised for not notifying the court that he would be representing Yasause in place of Copland Raurela.

Bomana jail commander Michael Mondia said Yasause had been remanded at Bomana in April after being charged with the wilful murder of former rugby league star Aquila Emil.

He said after initial court appearances, Yasause was removed from prison and kept at the Boroko police station.

Mondia said last week, he wrote a letter NCD metropolitan commander Supt Joseph Tondop to return him to Bomana but did not receive a reply.

The District and National courts had recommended that Yasause be remanded at Bomana while his case was pending in court.

Yesterday, Public Prosecutor Marriane Zurenuoc asked the court for a month’s adjournment to allow both parties to file pre-trial statements.

The court agreed to that and issued a fresh warrant for Yasause to be further remanded in custody.

Police, meanwhile, had blamed the public prosecutor’s office for failing to get a warrant from the National Court to have Yasause sent to Bomana after his court case two weeks ago.

Police said Yasause was at the Boroko police station all this time.

Zurenuoc, on Monday, told the court that they could not locate Yasause when asked by Kirriwom why he was not present for his hearing.

Zurenuoc also told Kirriwom that Yasause could not be located at the Boroko police cell on Monday.


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