Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Agiru: O’Neill did not follow process

SOUTHERN Highlands Governor Anderson Agiru said on Monday that Mendi town was under siege because of rushed decisions by Prime Mi­nister Peter O'Neill to reinstate William Powi as administrator, The National reports.
He accused the PM of not following due processes.
Agiru said there was no vacancy in the office of the administrator after Powi's expired.
He said Lawrence Olkoben was appointed by the NEC after all due processes were followed.
He said Southern Highlands had been a no-go zone and that he had restored normalcy in the province in the past four years.
"No action in Waigani or wherever should put off course the Southern Highlands," Agiru said.
Agiru said Southern Highlands was host to the LNG project and these were critical times.
"Gas in the province is still under my feet while Mendi town is under seige by youths."
Agiru said at no stage was he contacted by this government on what was going on in his province.
"The greatest theft of power happened when the Grand Chief's government was illegally removed.
"We have traditional customs, values that we must uphold including respect for the elderly and the sick," he said, adding the seven MPs from the province were still with Sir Michael's government.

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