Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chimbu eliminations begin


A TOTAL of 51,643 ballots allowed in the Kundiawa-Gembogl by-election count remain "alive" among the 27 surviving candidates after early eliminations yesterday, The National reports.
According to the progressive count posted on the board at the end of 16th eli­mi­nation there were 74 ballots exhausted.
Kundiawa-Gembogl Returning Of­fi­cer James Piapia expects more ballots to be exhausted towards the end of today and tomorrow as second and third pre­fe­rences for eliminated candidates surface.
As Piapia suspended counts last night 16 candidates had been eliminated leaving 27 candidates still in the race.
The elimination continues today with candidates who have the least number of votes to be the next to be forced out of the race.
Candidates eliminated from the race as of the 16th elimination were Christina Num Nulai, William Gumane, John Brown, Philip Gena Kimagl, Maima Gull, Susan Dua Dingi, Peter Baka, Willie Drua, Toby Gende Abraham, Timon Wena, Loko Kal Ongatnem, Paul Gandi Dekemba, Joe Merimba, Tangil Iambakey Okuk, Peter Kuglo Peter and Paul Gegasunga Gags.
When their preferences were distributed, Prime Minister Peter O'Neill's Peoples National Congress Party candidate Peter Waieng maintained his lead with 6¸932 votes. Veteran politician and former Minister Mathew Siune is on 5, 117 votes while Constitutional Democratic candidate Tobias Kulang is on 4,379 votes and former MP Wagi Merimba is on 3,814. People's Party candidate Paul Gende is running fifth with 3,725 votes.
A winner is expected to be declared by tomorrow or Friday before the writs are returned to the governor-general by Aug 26

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