Friday, August 19, 2011

Leaders tell Agiru to respect Nipa people

 TWO community leaders from Nipa-Kutubu have called on Southern Highlands Governor Anderson Agiru to stop messing around with future leaders and educated men from the electorate, The National reports.
Jordon Kium and Nakon Ipa wanted Agiru to focus on getting the new Hela province and leave their future Nipa-Kutubu leaders alone.
They also condemned the manner in which Agiru was allegedly dealing with their leaders by fighting over public service positions.
"William Powi and Lawrence Olkoben are from the Nipa-Kutubu electorate who are concerned about their people.
"Agiru should concentrate on getting a province for the Hela region," Kium said.
They also warned that such political games would only end in disaster "and Agiru will not be here to face the consequences".
"We do not want a repetition of past political conflicts between the Hela people and their neighbouring Nipa," Ipa said

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