Wednesday, August 17, 2011

LLG president charged with fraud

A LOCAL level government president in East New Britain has been committed to stand trial in the Kokopo National Court on charges of misappropriation and false pretence of about K83,000, The National reports.
Toma-Vunadidir president Henry Ningo, 55, of Rabagi village was charged by police with two counts of false pretence and a count of misappropriation.
Magistrate Samuel Lavutul found that there was sufficient evidence to commit Ningo.
Police alleged that on April 29, 2002, the National Gaming Board made a cheque payment for K83,730 to theToBarip United church and that Ningo falsely represented the church and made a submission to the NGCB's community development programme for funding.
Satisfied that the application had met requirements, the NGCB released the cheque on April 29.
Ningo allegedly did not make an attempt to inform the elders of the church and told them on Aug 15 that if he used the church's account to do his transaction, he would made an undertaking to give K10,000 to the church.
Based on that undertaking, the signatories to the church's account signed the deposit and withdrawal forms and handed over the passbook to Ningo.
He deposited the cheque that same day and it was cleared a few days later when he withdrew K83,598 from the church's account.
Ningo was committed to stand trial on a date to be fixed by the National Court registry.

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