Monday, August 15, 2011

Mt Hagen ends 50th cultural show


THE country's spectacular and diverse culture was showcased during the three-day Mt Hagen Cultural show's 50th anniversary at Kagamuga, Western Highlands, from Friday to yesterday, The National reports.

Two girls leading adults in a singsing group.-Nationalpic by YVONNE HAIP
The annual event, which was sponsored by Digicel, was attended by a bumper crowd and attracted a large number of tourists.
Although the Enga cultural show was held over the weekend, the show, which was first held in 1961, attracted some 570 tourists, a 100% increase, compared to last year's 250.
Two Italian tourists, Gio­vani Rainero and Fran­­cesca Fronte, who travelled from Milan, said it had been worth getting first-hand expe­rience of Papua New Guinea.
Tourists mingling with traditional dancers

As first-timers to the country, they said they had been told negative stories about PNG and its crime rate but they had disproved that and had met many friendly people and they would return.
Many singsing groups from all over the country took part and it was a display of PNG's unique and diverse culture.
Several local singers, including Lista Serum and K-Dumen belted out their hits and the amphitheatre, as usual, was packed to capacity.
Some youths, despite the mud after the rainy season, danced away as their favourite bands played.
The show was witnessed by a delegation of ministers, led by Deputy Prime Minster Belden Namah.
Culture, Arts, and Tourism Minister Benjamin Philip said culture was an important heritage of the country and had to be upheld and strengthened.
He said westernisation was luring youths away from culture but he urged the people to uphold their identity.
He committed K10,000 towards the show's organising committee.
Governor Tom Olga, who officially opened the show, said culture was the pride of their ancestors, the current and future generation and should be passed on

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