Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Official probe into PM’s health status

  GOVERNOR-General Sir Michael Ogio is expected to instruct the PNG Medical Board today to appoint two physicians to inquire into the health status of Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare and report to cabinet within 28 days, The National reports.
This followed yesterday's handing-over of a report by the prime minister's physician, Dr Isi Kevau, to Acting Prime Minister Sam Abal.
Last night, Abal said it was up to the medical board to appoint two physicians, either within PNG or abroad, to inquire into Sir Michael's health and report independently to satisfy the constitutional requirements.
The report by Kevau stated in part that Sir Michael was being well looked after by a team of four specialists at Singapore's Raffles Hospital and that his recovery was "better than expected".
The two physicians' report would allow parliament to decide whether or not the prime minister is physically and mentally fit to remain the chief executive of Papua New Guinea.
This is the first time the constitutional provision on the disqualification of a prime minister had been evoked and, at its conclusion, the nation might see the position invalidated and a vacancy in the job occurring.
Were that to happen, parliament, if it is not sitting, would be recalled and the business of the election of the prime minister will be its main business.
Until that happens, all the powers and responsibilities of the prime minister are vested in the acting prime mi­nister.
While the prime minister's position is not on parliament's agenda, when it meets today, it is expected to create enormous debate during the sitting with possible moves to force an early election of the prime minister

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