Monday, August 01, 2011

Ogio to receive report on PM


THE report on the medical status of the Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare will be handed to the Governor-General Sir Michael Ogio today by Acting Prime Minister Sam Abal, The National reports.
Ogio, after studying the report, will advise the speaker of parliament on whether it is necessary to call for the appointment of a new prime minister.
The report was prepared by Prof Isi Kevau, the prime minister's physician.
Parliament sessions start tomorrow. 
It is understood that Sir Michael would remain under medical supervision in Singapore.
He had undergone three operations and is in stable condition. But, certain functions in his organs were yet to be stabilised. 
According to the prime minister's media unit, information in regards to politics and the nation had been withheld from Sir Michael pending a full recovery.
It is understood that Sir Michael would need to get medical clearance to fly back to PNG.
Being in a fragile health status, flying in an aircraft would affect his breathing and he would need a medical clearance to do so. 
Abal did not comment on the prime minister's post being an agenda in this week's parliament sitting. But, the health report he would give the governor-general today would determine the next course of action as far as the country's leadership was concerned.
Abal said he would remain acting prime mi­nister until the governor-general notified par­liament after viewing the health report.

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