Sunday, August 14, 2011

Papua New Guinea girl on US soccer scholarship

Proud Papua New Guineans in Western Australia have farewelled young female soccer player Zachirra Kanari for another term of her soccer scholarship in the United States of America.

Soccer star Shakira Kanari (third from right, front row) with members of the PNG community in Newman, Western Australia
Kanari is from Dagua, East Sepik and she has been playing soccer in Western Australia for the past two years prior to being selected for a scholarship.
She was on holidays last month in Newman-BHP Billiton Iron Ore’s mining township where her father Willie Kanari works as an engineering technician / tradesman.
The Kanaris are one of the 15 PNG families who reside there.

Shakira Kanari with her father Willie and mother Hedwig Kanari
She told the community about her experience in America and how challenging it had been since she took up the opportunity to play soccer and do her studies at the same time.
She is studying engineering at Pensacola College in Port Angeles, Washington State.
“I find it very challenging and I can say I am one of the fortunate young people to be selected from an Australian soccer team in Perth for a scholarship,” Kanari said.
“The training and fitness programme in America is of very high standard and I aim to do my best.
“I have set my goals to complete my studies and I know that to be successful it requires much effort and dedication.”
Her father Willie and mother Hedwig are proud parents and are encouraging other Papua New Guineans to support their children not only in academia but also in sports and whatever talents or interests they have.
The PNG-Newman community comprises of mine engineers, geologists, technical engineers and engineering technicians/tradesman in various trades.
Many of them have worked together in PNG and know each other from the mines.
The community is a registered not-for-profit organisation that was first established in 2007 by a number of members like. Wesley Peni who still resides in Newman, Carl Pelini and those who have left Newman to pursue other careers abroad and in Australia at large.
The members often have community gatherings through which they socialise and annually celebrate PNG’s independence.
They also raise funds to support charity and mid-last year they sponsored Pacific Adventist University students who participated in the Walk against Corruption.
The club also plans to make charity donations to the Royal Flying Doctors in Western Australia.
Treasurer and executive of the PNG-Newman Community, Joseph Aroviri acknowledged all members and thanked them for their efforts and support towards making this year a successful one.
“We are Papua New Guineans who have created a home-away-from-home where we maintain a strong community and we support each other as we go along,” he said.
Soccer is a common game in Newman and most of these families play the game.
They encourage their children to play the game as well and Miss Kanari has definitely set an example for them.

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  1. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Yes, this is my niece and I'm very proud of her. I attended her year 12 graduation and when I heard the "MC" call her name for the Soccer Scholarship to US. I had tears in my eye as I was shocked but proud. I believe she made not only made her family proud but PNG as well. She told me on one of her break,"Aunty, a PNG flag will now be flying in the school's hall".

    Don't know, but that must be the first of a kind for a Papua New Guinean to win a Soccer Scholarship to US, better still, its a female!