Thursday, August 04, 2011

Union shies away from govt over legal issues

THE PNG Trade Union Congress is willing to work with the new government but noted the serious legal, constitutional and procedural issues that have been raised which question the validity of the change of government, The National reports.

PNGTUC president Michael Malabag said in a statement that the union was happy to work with the government many of whom were in the previous government with whom good working relations had been established.
However, there were questions such as:
.Whether or not a vote of no-confidence was the proper course of action to take to effect a change of prime minister and government considering no vacancy had been created and for all intents and purposes the sitting prime minister remained the prime minister;
.Whether an acting prime minister could and should be replaced by a vote of no-confidence; and
.Whether in fact the vote of no-confidence if deemed to be proper to effect a change of prime minister and government under the present circumstances 
complied with the limitations imposed by law in so far as the Constitution, legal 
and procedural requirements were concerned.
Malabag said the PNGTUC was an impartial and independent body that expressed its willingness to work with any government of the day.
"We however place great significance on the need to protect the integrity of the National Constitution and the democratic processes and institution to which we must all (including every government) submit subservience and respect.
"In the interest of our parliamentary democracy and constitutional integrity, we urge the courts to expedite and prioritise any hearing and deliberation on the recent changes in government.

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