Thursday, September 01, 2011

Huge turnout at court premises

THE Waigani Court House was heavily manned by police and security guards yesterday for the hearing of the East Sepik provincial government's special Supreme Court Reference, The National reports.
The main gates were locked, while police and court security guards allowed those with genuine reasons to enter the gates from at 1.30pm.
Groups holding anti-East Sepik banners were told to move away from the court gates.
Although they were told to leave the area, people, especially women, were seen sitting in groups opposite the court gates in front of the National Library.
"Wararu mas go bek lo ples blo em na givim sevis lo ol pipol blo em. Ol no votim em lo kam kot na westim taim (Wararu should go back home and deliver basic services to his people. They did not give him the mandate to waste time in court," Apo Mathew from Goroka said.
Activist Noel Anjo said there would be a peaceful sit-in protest soon to persuade the East Sepik government to withdraw the refe­rence

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