Friday, September 23, 2011

Motorcyclers thrill at Bulolo show

BULOLO District in Morobe staged its first ever cultural show on the Sept 16-18 coinciding with the country’s 36th Independence anniversary celebrations. 
Thrilling the crowd at the Bulolo Show.-Pictures by PETER BOYD

The event was staged in Mumeng Town.
Traditional singsing groups from the six LLGs of Bulolo, Mumeng, Buang, Watut, Biangai and people from other parts of Morobe who live in Bulolo and Wau like the Kabub singsing group took part.
Bulolo MP Sam Basil meets rider Daniel Hargreaves and others as show committee chairman Stanley Komunt, of MMJC (centre) looks on

Bulolo’s own sons and PNGs famous artists Lister and Amon Serum performed live to entertain the show goers.
Other entertainment included a string band competition, greasy pole climbing, inter LLG tug of war.
The highlight of the day was without a doubt a visit from Morobe Motorcycle Club riders who stopped halfway through a two day fun race from Bulolo to Edie Creek and back to Lae.
Waterfall near Buang on Snake River

The large crowd was witness to a display of wheel stands, jumps and riders riding without too much skill or control. 
The invitation to participate in a race at Independence weekend was extended to the MMC several months earlier by show chairman Stanley Komunt and it proved a great success.
Ploughing through a quagmire

The 'fun' race started with a small but enthusiastic group of riders in Bulolo on the Saturday who rode to Wau via PNGFP tracks and overnighted at the Wau Adventures headquarters, home to Tim and Danielle Vincent. 
Crossing the Snake River...hoping not to fall

The first day’s easy riding determined the starting order for the grueling second days riding. 
Day two saw local favourite and PNG'S No.1 bike Rider Daniel Hargreaves take a commanding lead in the first of the days special stages, a savage hill climb to the summit of Mt Kaindi at 7800ft and back to Wau. 
Rider about to crash near summit of Mt Kainti, at 7800 ft, outside Bulolo enroute to Hidden Valley

This section took its toll on riders and bikes with several riders crashing and Tim Vincent of Wau Adventures, PNG'S Premier Adventure Tourism Company, suffering badly bruised ribs - forcing him to pull out of any further racing.
Ow! That hurts!

Leg two was the reverse of the first day’s course from Wau to Bulolo and convincingly won by Suzuki rider Michael Schulz with a clear gap to Hargreaves, who was unable to maintain his first afternoons pace.
A steep descent

A short third leg from Bulolo to Mumeng saw the riders cross the line within a minute of each other, the tarmac riding not being to anyone's liking as the thought of crashing on tarmac was enough to deter anyone from risking life and limb - all riders knew that the last section of 94km from Mumeng Station to MMJV Headquarters at 9-Mile Lae would require all their energy and attention. 
Riding in fog is an unbelievable experience, the forest is dead quiet except for the bikes' sound

Thirty minutes were spent entertaining the crowd at the Bulolo Show and taking advice on the route ahead from MP Sam Basil, one of the few people who had actually driven down the Snake River to Buang and Gabensis.
The route chosen followed the Snake River past Buang, Wagau and onto Gabensis on the Bulolo Highway - a distance of 65km, and finishing off with a 30km road stage.
Village people close to Wagau - experiencing a motorbike for the first time in their lives

The only problem was that so much fun was had at Mumeng entertaining the crowd that riders lost track of time and were very late leaving Mumeng. 
Heavy fog and fading light slowed the bikes to a crawl for over an hour past Buang and Wagau.
Drops on either side of the overgrown track were vertical and deadly and any thoughts of racing were set aside with safety of riders paramount. 
Several of the bikes had no lights and this meant extra care needed to be shown.
What should have taken two hours took five hours and at 8pm the bikes arrived at MMJV headquarters with riders exhausted having commenced riding at 9am that morning.
Minister for National Planning and Monitoring Samuel Basil officiated at the show which was attended by over 3, 000 people.
Basil thanked the show chairman Stanley Komunt and his committees and all the sponsors for making the event a success.
Major sponsors:
  1. Bulolo District - Joint District Planning & Budget Priority Committee (JDP&BPC) – K85,000 in cash
  2. Morobe Mining JV (MMJV) K20,000 in kind
  3. Hornibrooks NGI Limited – K5,000 in cash
  4. Bank of South Pacific (BSP) – K3,000 in cash
  5. Island Mobile Hirecar
  6. Lae Biscuits company
  7. ArmSec Limited
  8. Digicel PNG
  9. NBC Morobe
  10. Zenang Chicken
  11. Bulolo District Administration

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