Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Student bashed to death in East New Britain


A STUDENT at the Kokopo Business College died on Sunday after being severely bashed up by four others, The National reports.
Provincial police commander Sylvester Kalaut said an East Sepik student was in custody for questioning while three others, also students, were still at large.
He said student Gary Bosa of Central and Bougainville parentage, died on Sunday after he was taken to hospital.
Kalaut said Bosa was attacked by the four students when he was returning to the male dormitory from a nearby bottle shop at 9pm last Friday.
After he was attacked, Bosa accompanied one of his friends to Kinabot stage 2 to avoid further assaults that night.
But when he returned to the campus on Saturday while under the influence of alcohol, the four students went to his room and assaulted him again.
Kalaut said Bosa's roommate noticed later that Bosa had not woken up nor changed his sleeping position.
He was taken to the Vunapope Hospital on Sunday but died on arrival.
Kalaut said his officers were investigating the death and a post-mortem examination would be conducted soon.
Police suspect that the motive for the assault was related to an arson case which happened on the campus three months ago.
KIalaut said Bosa was the student who had triggered a riot on campus three months ago after he was attacked.
He said senior staff at Kokopo Business College told him yesterday that Bosa was recently suspended for one year over an alcohol incident.
Kalaut said three of the four suspects were students who had been suspended in relation to the arson suspected

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