Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Crash reports will be made public, says Prime Minister

PRIME Minister Peter O'Neill has assured relatives and the public that the investigation report into the fatal air crash that claimed 28 lives will be made public, The National reports.
O'Neill, during his meeting with the Modilon General Hospital board and management said he hoped the crash investigation was completed to give some relief to relatives on the cause of the accident.
"Civil Aviation Safety Authority has grounded all Airlines PNG Dash 8 fleet to do an audit on all its aircraft, the background to see if there is an issue on manufacturer and safety. Until that is done, APNG will remain grounded," O'Neill said
He said the recent crash involving Airlines PNG aircraft in Madang and the 2009 crash in Kokoda were not related.
He said he had asked the PNG Accident Investigation Commission chief executive officer David Inau to make available the 2009 Kokoda crash report which should be ready by now.
O'Neill said it had taken some time for that report but said investigations of aircraft crash reports were slow because of the nature of the investigations.
He appealed to the family and relatives of the dead in the Madang air crash to be patient while awaiting DNA testing with the help of the Australian authorities to identify the bodies.
He said the investigations would reveal the outcome that the government wanted to take note of and make cabinet decisions to ensure the safety of the travelling public.
O'Neill admitted that after 36 years of independence, road infrastructure was still a problem and the people would continue to use air transport

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