Saturday, November 26, 2011

2012 budget deferred to December 6

The 2012 Budget will not be handed down next week on Tuesday, November 29. 
It has been deferred to Tuesday, December 6,  just a few days before the Supreme court reference on the validity of the current Government in Office, on  December 9.
If the O'Neil/Namah Government hands down the budget on December 6 and then three days later, if the Supreme Court rules that the current Government is illegal,  then any National Budget handed down by them becomes null and void.
 If this happens then the old Government will have to prepare a Supply Bill for Parliament to approve.
This Supply Bill is just another name for a working budget for the old government to use to operate within the first three months for 2012. 
We will then need to do another budget for the rest of the year (three quarters) according to the policies/priorities/directives of the Somare/Abal Government. 
I'm not sure how this will work since many MPs in the current government were in the old government.

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