Monday, November 07, 2011

Lae violence affects church project


The violence in Lae has affected a partnership initiative between a Lutheran church group there and another in Adelaide, South Australia.
Adelaide-based Rebecca Ogan Kiage, who lives in Lae but is now studying in Adelaide,  had been working on the initiative between Lae’s Church of Hope in East Taraka with St Paul’s Lutheran Church in Adelaide for the benefit of Lanakapi School at Tent City, was greatly disappointed.
“They would like to seal the deal for partnership for both school and church this month, however, the riot is not helping,” she said today (Monday).
“This week was the Lae people’s time to sort their visas, but with what’s happening, they have been unable to access funds at the bank.
“So much is at stake here, especially for a group from Lae’s Lutheran Church of Hope Parish at East Taraka, which was planning a trip to Adelaide on Nov 29 to explore partnership with the St Paul’s Lutheran Church in Adelaide to initiate church projects, particularly for the Lanakapi school at Tent City and also other collective projects that would benefit the settlement communities around Lae city.
“The team from the Church of Hope was planning to visit on Nov 29 and this was formalised with St Paul’s Lutheran Church here in Adelaide, however the riot has greatly hindered their progress.
“The team from Lae is now in a dilemma as to how they would access their funds and proceed with their visa arrangements to travel to Adelaide.
“If this riot continues this initiative will be delayed and sadly, the people from Lae will greatly miss out on such generosity by both churches that aims to better the lives of communities in Lae through mutual partnership and respect from both churches.”
Kiage said there was a collective negligence on all paths which contributed to the riot.
“The best strategy now is for government, law-enforcing agency and community leaders to address this issue and restore peace and normalcy,” she said.

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