Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Local firm refers Post-Courier to media council

A COMPANY has referred the Post-Courier newspaper to the Independent Media Standards Committee of the Media Council of Papua New Guinea, The National reports.
Memalo Holdings yesterday delivered its letter to the PNG Media Council alleging a breach of the Media Council of Papua New Guinea code of ethics.
Company chairman John Parulria said his action arose from that newspaper’s coverage of Greenpeace activities which took place on Oct 23-24 in the Pomio area of East New Britain and published in three separate articles.
Parulria was alleging that the paper breached the media code of ethics on accuracy and balance and conflict of interest.
He alleged that the paper was not accurate when it reported that the landowners were unhappy and that the company had continued its logging operations despite a court order.
He said there was no court order and that the paper failed to include in its report the commentary of spokespeople from Memalo Holdings and the 121 clans it re­presented.
He further claimed that that only a few members of the clans were protesting with Greenpeace while the majority was for the project which was a fact that had been badly misconstrued by the newspaper.
Parulria also alleged that Post-Courier reporters received and benefited from transportation provided by Greenpeace from Rabaul to Jacquinot Bay.
“This is a formal complaint,” Parulria said in his letter “under the Independent Media Standards Committee guidelines. These matters are causing damage to an important enterprise and generating tensions among landowners. Memalo Holdings Ltd requests the Post-Courier to take appropriate action and reserves all its legal rights.”
The paper was required under the guidelines to respond to each alleged breach within 30 days.

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