Sunday, November 27, 2011

Trekker robbed along Bulldog Trail

I am a very-passionate trekker, having walked the Kokoda Trail and Black Cat Trail, and am a full supporter of this industry.
However, I'm quite pissed off with reading in the Sunday Chronicle today about a lone Australian trekker being robbed along the Bulldog Trail between Gulf and Morobe provinces.
Today's Sunday Chronicle article (please click to enlarge)
I will raise this up with local MP Sam Basil and I hope his Gulf counterparts also take note

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  1. Thankfully, incidents such as this are extremely rare along the Black Cat and Bulldog tracks. For a trekker not to even realise his belongings were stolen until the following day, would suggest he was not very vigilant in his own basic security? The Black Cat has developed into a very popular route, with local stakeholders understanding the value of their friendly and supportive efforts. The Bulldog is slowly following in a similar vain, with the guides, porters, villagers and often bewildered inlookers all playing a valuable part in its development. I wonder if this trekker sought professional advice prior to his adventure?