Monday, December 12, 2011

Court rules in favor of Somare

The Supreme Court has ruled 3-2 in favor of former Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare.
Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia, and judges Nicholas Kiriwom and Les Gavara Nanu ruled in favor of Sir Michael while Deputy Chief Justice Gibbs Salika and judge Bernard Sakora went for O'Neill.
The court ruled that O'Neill was wrongly elected as Prime Minister on August 2 as there never was a vacancy in the office at that time.
It further ordered that Sir Michael be restored forthwith back into office and that Parliament sit to right its wrong.
More to come

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  1. Well done Prime Minister Peter O'Neil. You have surely withstood the flood and waves of Sepik river and the Sukimundu is gone, awashed by the waves of famous Yalo River..come to Yalo River and see for yourselves how the Pangian's live with the snakes and fast flowing Yalo's current..Well done O'Neil and Congratulations, Koare Konda Naisi, Dubai, Middle East