Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Namah, Marat to appear in court today


BELDEN Namah and Dr Allan Marat are expected to appear before the Supreme Court today for contempt charges against them, The National reports.
Namah walking to the Waigani Court House yesterday in the company of police officers to hear the decision on the reference of the validity of the government he helped set up.

The charges related to their alleged orchestrating of the National Executive Council’s decision to suspend the Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia last month.
The NEC decision was withdrawn soon afterwards but not before the two were arrested and charged with contempt. They were released on K5,000 bail.
Namah and Marat appeared in court yesterday but their case was adjourned to today because the court spent most of the afternoon delivering its ruling on the East Sepik reference case. It ended at 6.20pm.
Their matter related to the move by the NEC in the O’Neill government  to sack Sir Salamo on Nov 10. The decision was reversed on Nov 14.
Sir Salamo faced misconduct allegations.
Yesterday Namah walked from the Waigani Supreme Court following the crash of the government he had engineered on Aug 2.
He hinted that “the real decision will be from parliament”

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