Monday, December 05, 2011

Papua New Guinea Human Rights Film Festival starts on Wednesday

As part of Human Rights Day (Saturday 10 Dec) celebrations, the 2nd annual PNG Human Rights Film Festival will run for a full five days, from December 7-11,  2011 at the Moresby Arts Theatre. 
From 10am everyday there will be Human Rights film screenings, debates, exhibitions, information stalls and kids activities.
The days are going to be full of fun, lively discussion and some great films – international and PNG-made.
 There will also be four free festival buses that will go throughout Port Moresby to pick up festival patrons and bring them to the theatre. 
Full route details are in the programme.
 For full details,  you can visit the website
 "I would like to encourage all media to attend as much of the festival as they can, and for those with specific interests (business, women’s issues, child rights) to make it along to the panel debates for your area of interest," UN communications officer Lisa Smyth said.
"I would be happy to arrange interviews with the panelists for after the debates, as well as any other interviews you might want to conduct.
 "This is a great PNG community event and we hope you can all be involved. 
"Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like further information."

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