Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Suspect kills and eats woman


POLICE in Enga have arrested a man for allegedly killing a three-month pregnant woman and eating part of her body, The National reports.
Police said the gruesome murder took place in Mona­kam village in the Kompiam-Ambum electorate last Tuesday.
Police believe the man had been high on marijuana when he allegedly cannibalised the woman.
Police said they had never come across such an incident before.
They described it as a first of its kind in the province – one which was known more for tribal fight and not cannibalistic practices.
Provincial police commander Martin Lakari said last Friday the man had been detained at the Wabag police cell.
Lakari said the man drank the woman’s blood and then started cutting her throat and ate it before locals were alerted and stopped the man.
He said locals then alerted police who arrested the man.
Lakari said to arrest such a person was not that easy because he had tasted human blood.
Police had to tie him with a rope before taking him to the police station.
Lakari described it as “unbelievable” and inhuman.
He said the man allegedly smoked marijuana and when his throat turned dry, he attacked the woman with a knife, killing her instantly.
Lakari said as the woman lay dead on the ground the man licked her blood and started eating her throat.
Lakari said these were actions of drug addicts and mentally ill people.
He said such actions had painted a bad name for the province.
Lakari said the woman had been expecting her first child and therefore it was a double murder because she was pregnant.
Lakari warned people, especially women whose husbands were known for smoking marijuana, to avoid them when they were alone.
He warned mothers not to let their children stay home with their fathers because such an incident could happen.
He said women and children must protect themselves and make sure to avoid such people who were mentally ill

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