A GROUP of soldiers’ wives have asked the government to address problems at the barracks where they are staying, The National reports.
The soldiers and their families live at the Taurama Barracks in Port Moresby. In a petition, the wives claimed that there were many pressing issues which had never been dealt with by the government or the defence force.
The wives said there was a big housing problem at  Taurama and other military camps.
Many families were illegally residing in the single quarters at the barracks while others were living in settlements with relatives.
On top of that, many of the colonial homes have never been renovated and were rotting away. Leaking roofs were common.
The barracks also face water supply problems with many families complaining of inadequate supply to their homes. It poses a health risk to the families.
The wives said the continuous abuse of power by a senior officer had been finally put to rest with the appointment of the new commanding officer.
To add to the congestion, families of retired officers remain in the barracks awaiting their final entitlements.
Some widows who claimed to have been underpaid remain there.
The wives pointed out that these internal military issues the soldiers faced led to frustration – with some husbands and fathers forced to join the failed mutiny.
The families want the government to deal with the problems at Taurama – and other military camps – urgently