Friday, January 06, 2012

High drama in Indonesian airspace involving PNG Falcon jet

THE Indonesian military scrambled two aircraft to track Air Niugini’s Falcon jet last November as it was returning home from Malaysia with VIPs on board, including Deputy Prime Minister Belden Namah, it has been disclosed, The National reports.
The P2ANW flight was in Indonesian airspace when the drama unfolded on Nov 29, unbeknown to Namah and his entourage.
He had demanded an explanation from the Indonesian Embassy in Port Moresby.
However, his request for a meeting with the Indonesian Ambassador was not granted.
According to protocol, it was required that the Foreign Affairs secretary would summon the ambassador and present a protest note on behalf of the PNG government to the Indonesian government.
Details on the incident surfaced in PNG in recent days when an Indonesian journalist started asking questions through PNG sources about the government’s reaction to it.
It was known that the Falcon F900 had left Subang, Malaysia, on Nov 29 for Port Moresby and was flying through the approved route which included flying over Indonesian airspace.
According to the Indonesian journalist, Indonesian authorities were tipped off that the aircraft was carrying substantial amount of cash in US dollars.
Indonesia, which has very strict laws on money laundering, scrambled two military jets to “escort” the PNG carrier through its airspace until it reached PNG airspace.
The crew on the aircraft included Capt Christopher Gregory Smith, Capt Vincent Kipma and attendant Dessie Benson.
The passenger manifest listed Namah, Obura-Wonenara MP John Boito, Bulolo MP Sam Basil, private lawyer Bonny Ninai, Australian Anubhav Tadav and Malaysians Tee Kim Tee, Tan Bing Hua and Tan Keh Feng.
The Falcon crew had furnished a three-page report about the incident which would be delivered to the PNG government for further action, including an official protest note to Jakarta.
Namah yesterday vehemently denied that he or his group were carrying substantial amount of US dollars aboard the Falcon.
“We went through the normal immigration and customs checks to get clearance to fly to Papua New Guinea,” he said


  1. Anonymous1:32 PM

    my god...this must the kwila loggers in sepik & madang ya..feeding the informal banking system..and this is what is spin-off business benefit to the minista. lets challenge him to let go his portfolio as minista forestri..

  2. Anonymous1:33 PM

    mi save tu...em korap ya. kisim moni long falcon.

  3. Anonymous1:38 PM

    40 million yu es dolla...tranpotim yusim balus palkon..moni bilo pepol.

  4. Anonymous4:21 PM

    That dosen't look healthy

  5. Anonymous12:15 AM

    they have done the custom and immigration checks in malaysia. how nive u people think they can have US$ on board. think before u comment. instead indonesia government be blamed to have miltery jet escorting the DPM of Papua New Guinea. where is your pride.........

  6. Anonymous2:42 AM

    Indonesian has done their Standard Operating Procedure as it must be. PNG government is so pathetic by making pountless and expered troubles. This happened long way back ago in November LAST YEAR. Think about that! Why does PNG government have to say it right now instead of long time ago?

  7. Anonymous2:19 AM

    Indonesia has a very highly efficient intelligence system and definitely they had first hand info before they acted. The sources of the reports were from our NIO and the Indonesia intel agency. And why would these civilian tycoons be on PNG government's jet?. Shouldn't Nama have published it upon arrival just like he's been doing with all the other politics? Why was the post courier journalist restricted from taking photos? Why get very tense and overact towards the Indon embassy now? Why was it's kept discreet till just now? Why???

  8. Anonymous12:47 PM

    PNG is a sovereign nation and one should not dictate as to how we manage this nation and its affairs. what right does Indonesia has to interfere with our dealings?? Such military action against our leaders is a blatant disregard for this nation and its people as a whole. if this was work of our intel, why were this not checked at the pom airport when they landed?? Indonesia needs explanation to the People of PNG!!

  9. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Inodesia, u laik playup lo PNG ah? ok, bai umi wokim, katim mak! karrr! UMI W@r!

  10. Anonymous1:51 AM

    Please don't get PROVOKE by malaysian ...... Malaysia always create problem with Indonesia.... Peace... GBU.

  11. Anonymous2:01 AM

    Don't be fooled by Nama's accusation against Indonesia...He has not yet been cleared of money laundering in Samoa...He is just trying to divert people's attention to the Indonesian Military...the real issue is what were the Malaysians doing on the falcon and was that flight an official government trip to serve the people of PNG?

  12. Anonymous2:06 AM

    Na yu husait givim tok lo pait...u bai inap wantaim Indonesian Army tu? Because as it is, I doubt Australia would be dragged into an armed conflict with Indonesia so bai u kisim sapot blo u lo we? Long ol raskol gang blo u lo strit a?

  13. Anonymous5:47 AM

    Read this: PNG accepts RI jet intercept story

    "The Indonesian government said that the approval for the Falcon jet to use Indonesian airspace was for the period of Dec. 3 -7, and not Nov. 29, the day of the incident, the statement further said."


  14. Anonymous4:43 PM

    To the anonymous Indonesian who commented about Malaysia, how typical. Apart from the presence of 3 Malaysian-Chinese businessmen onboard, Malaysia has absolutely nothing to do with this stupid stunt by the Indonesian military. Indonesians seem to have a misconceived hatred towards Malaysia because their country is so inferior in every respect. P.S. I am not a Malaysian but live in Indonesia and see this everyday

  15. Anonymous5:43 AM

    PNG jet breached rules but no need to protest: TNI chief

  16. Anonymous11:30 PM

    Keep the good relationship with Indonesia and PNG, This can be very good if we forgive the Indos, PNG yu ken tell Indo that you are a christen country, PNG citizen in North Sumatra Indonesia