Monday, January 30, 2012

Lawyer Tiffaney Twivey charged with contempt

Lawyer Tiffaney Twivey has just been charged with contempt today apparently along with the entire O'Neill/Namah National Executive Council because she gave advice on the amendments to the Prime Minister and NEC Act.
"They say it was-sub judice," she said tonight.
"This is complete rubbish - the amendments covered completely different issues than the court case.
"It is an act of desperation - and not to hide what you think."
Twivey added: "My firm - in documents signed by me - filed contempt documents last Tuesday, January 24,  charging Arthur Somare and Peter Ipatas for contempt for offering a bribe of K200,000 to Police Commissioner's lawyer Alice Kimbu in return for her signing interim consent orders which would allow Fred Yakasa to be Police Commissioner until the substantive case is heard. 
"She refused and informed the State. 
"I filed the documents on behalf of the State and Parliament. 
" David Dotaona (Yakasa's lawyer) and Yakasa were arrested by the police over this and charged with 'attempting to pervert the course of justice'. 
"My clients have charged Somare and Ipatas with civil contempt.
"I am in Australia,  returning tomorrow."

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  1. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Justice and fairness must be equated in the due processes but those whose actions amount to criminalism must account for their actions period..